Accelerator Program

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One-On-One Mentorship

“My Mission Is To Connect Your Passion In Dentistry From The Heart To The Mind So That You Can Enjoy Every Stage In Life Without Fear  Holding You Back!”

Receive personal one-on-one coaching from Dr. Catherine Yang and learn to bridge the gap between the mindset and the techniques that are required to achieve success in dentistry by delivering great outcomes and increasing profits in your practice in 4 weeks.


The STEP ON FEAR Accelerator Program One-on-One Mentorship aims to identity your unique best self, clarify your vision, and focus on achieving your goal, one step at a time over a 4-week-period per membership.

There will be two one-on-one mentoring sessions (30 minutes each) via zoom meetings per week. The first session of these weekly zoom meetings will focus on one specific goal with a clear action plan for you to implement until the next zoom meeting. The second session of these weekly zoom meetings will focus on reviewing your progress, celebrating wins, identifying roadblocks, and revising strategies for taking the next step. Therefore it will be ideal to set a regular time and day of the week for these two zoom meetings, with a time span of 3 to 4 days apart between the first and the second sessions.

During the one-on-one mentoring sessions, you can ask questions about mind setting, technical skills, course recommendation, communications, and leadership that will help you plan, troubleshoot and design your clinical case, real-life people interaction, and personal/professional development. Remember to focus on ONE goal at a time. The key to success of STEP ON FEAR is to take one solid step at a time.

One-on-one mentoring sessions will be live and interactive for an in-person experience. As a mentee, you are encouraged to be open-minded, humble-hearted, and willing to take in feedback and take immediate action to enhance your learning potential.

You are also encouraged to provide digital records (photos, x-rays, scans) for discussion during the mentoring sessions in order to help you accomplish your goal of the week.

Common topics of discussion from my mentoring experience with my mentees include:

  1. How to take good clinical photographs?
  2. Which bond is the best for adhesive dentistry with composite resins?
  3. How much is enough for caries removal or cavity preparation?
  4. How to teamwork effectively and efficiently without feeling bad?
  5. How to master aesthetic and functional restorative dentistry?
  6. Where to draw the line between simple and complex case diagnosis?
  7. How to establish good rapport with patients and how to resolve conflicts with confidence?
  8. How to propose a treatment plan with good presentation skills?
  9. How to talk about ‘money’?

If you want to grow a successful business in dentistry, there are two things you MUST be good at, CLARITY and DELIVERY. Arguably the most important skill in business (and in life) is communication. After all, if you don’t know how to deliver a good service with a clear treatment plan, Frustration-Emotion-Anger-Resentment (F.E.A.R.) develops regardless of how good your initial intention was. But if you do, you can enjoy happiness, feel fulfilled, and create wealth!

The problem is the vast majority of dentists have never been properly trained in running a business and taught about real-life experience for stress management. As a result, they struggle for years, sometimes even decades, and they barely make enough money to survive. Eventually, they lose the confidence to enjoy dentistry with pride.

The people that master F.E.A.R. become the leaders of their fields in dentistry. What type of dentist do you want to be? If you are ready to hit the big time and finally build the business of your dreams, then you must STEP ON FEAR because your future success depends on it!

Best Dental Mentor

Dr. Catherine Yang

General Dentistry BDS (USyd), ICCDE (Orthodontics), past secretary of NSDSG Registered Dentist of Dental Board of Australia, General Dental Council (UK), Dental Board of Taiwan

Dr. Catherine Yang is a mentor, speaker, an author, and a dentist, practicing general dentistry in Sydney, Australia since 1999. Her dedication to dream big, achieve more, and her innovative system of “S.T.E.P. on Fear” helped her to study a Bachelor of Dentistry with an Alumni Scholarship at the University of Sydney where she graduated with First Prize GC Australia Research Award. Dr. Catherine Yang is one of the first Invisalign Go providers in Australia and has published her white paper, “Sustainable Smile Using The Invisalign Go System With Non-Invasive Treatment Approach” and her keynote speech of “S.T.E.P. on Fear” has been presented to many, including the Australian Dental Congress, Global Dental Conference, and World Dental Conference.

Dr. Catherine Yang has a passion to help people enjoy life with success and purpose. Her book, “S.T.E.P. on Fear” was Amazon’s #1 Best-Seller in four categories – Dentistry, Dental Office Practice, Dental Assisting, and Minority Studies. Her other co-authored book, “Legacy – the Sustainable Development Goals in Action” was Amazon Australia’s Best Seller book in Business Ethics, and has now created more than 232 million smile impacts around the world through the Buy1Give1 global giving initiative.

Dr. Catherine Yang was also featured in the 2021 International Women’s Day event with the UN theme of “Women in Leadership” and #WatchUsChangeTheWorld by Pymble Ladies’ College.